About us

The Friends of Tarlair Trustees are well placed to take the pool renovation project forward, with a good balance of skills not least of which is determination and enthusiasm.

Most of our numbers were brought up with Tarlair as their background for leisure activities. There is a natural understanding of how Tarlair can tap into the potential for development with the recurrence of adventure sports and outdoor swimming.

Macduff finds itself in the unique position of having existing structures to accommodate all of this while rescuing this iconic heritage structure.

Health and well being and community benefits are in the fore. Tarlair Pool will be a valuable asset capable of providing benefits for all.

Our purpose is to create long term stability for the Tarlair Pool Area, secure its structure for the future, and work as a catalyst for social, economic and environmental regeneration, by:

· Helping to secure the permanent preservation of the A listed structure;

· Stimulating the involvement of local people in the organising of Fun days. Events, competitions and musical venues;

· Establishing a community asset by providing a number of benefits for a variety of people;

· Reinstating the Art Deco features of the Tarlair Pool structures and creating a safe friendly environment where there can be year-round access to café facilities, community education, creativity, heritage, recreation and culture.

Image from www.geograph.org.uk/photo/435021

The vision for restoration is shared by both community and visitors.

Support is given through varied channels. This includes youth groups, school, experts in restoration of historic buildings, those involved in leisure activities, tourism, law, the arts and journalism.

Active support is given through varied fundraising activities, raising money through giving their musical talents free at fundraising concerts, “Just giving” swims and cycle rides, baking for and serving at coffee afternoons, and supporting in the setting up dismantling and participating in our fundraising Annual Gala which has run for 5 years. We run quizzes and raffles, and share a joint calendar fundraiser with Macduff Marine Aquarium.

The Group raises awareness by attending community events with our Heritage display, talking to school groups, organising Arts events and helping artists research the area for college projects.

The group has maintained the site with the assistance of community volunteers since 2012, and are insured to do so. This has reduced anti- social behaviour and allowed the public to return to walk and spend some leisure time.

Tarlair is much loved by locals and folk further afield, who overwhelmingly want to see it restored.

The tourist market in the area is expanding with the introduction of the North East 250 route and the opening of an extension to Aberdeen Harbour to allow cruise liners to dock. Tarlair will offer a new product for visitors keen to enjoy the ambience of the dramatic bay area or simply take in the architectural intrigue of the Art Deco structures.

When Phase-2 is complete, and the pavilion is running as a profitable concern the organisation will be in a position to use the proceeds to complete restoration of the whole site to provide facilities for outdoor pursuits and relaxation as well as promoting and preserving the built heritage of the area in line with council priorities to find constructive use for historic buildings.