Tarlair was designed as a triple tidal pool by John C. Miller, the burgh surveyor for Macduff using the natural geography of Loch Craig to the East of Macduff.

The building of the pool was agreed by the Burgh Council in 1929 and opened in the summer of 1931.

The contractor for the pool was Robert Morrison& Son of Macduff.

Tarlair Pool is set in a spectacular location in a rocky bay to which the design of the pool responds well.

The concrete structures are modest in design, and are a fine little altered early example of an outdoor Art Deco swimming pool.

The triple tidal pool is unique in design and retains its original appearance.

The tidal swimming pool, boating pool and paddling pool is surrounded by curved walkways taking the eye to the pavilion tearoom which occupies the landward side of the design.

Its state of intactness, simple yet stylish design, early date and magnificent location all contribute to make this pool the outstanding surviving example of its type in Scotland. (Historic Scotland).